Asakusa Tatsumiya

Asakusa Tatsumiya

Information on business days in February

Information on business days in February


February 20 (Tuesday), 21 (Wednesday), 22 (Thursday)
For in-store maintenance and employee training, We will temporarily close it.
Sorry, Thank you.
We will open normally from February 23 (Friday).


Regarding inquiries etc. we received during that time,
Please note that it will be available after February 23 (Friday).

Asakusa Tatsumiya ”Kimono Fabrics”


We were introduced in NHK.


The traditional beauty of japan is with you.〜In daily life


"Tatsumiya" was founded 80 years ago.
Third-generation owner of Tatsumiya, has created a product that combines the modern life style of the traditional beauty of Japan.
And, "Asakusa Tatsumiya" began in March 2015.


“Kimono fabrics” of Asakusa Tatsumiya.
Nishijin silk band is carefully produced by one of the few skilled artisans, traditional textile factory in Japan. Currently, elegant and delicate luxury Nishijin silk band is a valuable presence. “Asakusa Tatsumiya” selects the only beautiful part of the band pattern, to handle carefully delicate silk band. From the above reasons, we have created a small number of products that have been carefully selected from a single band.


Please enjoy the elegant and delicate brilliance and daring architectural beauty.


ROX・3G Asakusa store closed on October 30,2016
New store opens on December 23,2016
The place is near Kaminarimon(Thunder Gate) Senso-ji.
<askausa tatusmiya kaminarimon>

Original goods

Kimono Tumbler

Kimono Tapestry





Kimono Cushion

Kimono Table Runner









Nishijin silk sash

About pattern of Kimono and Obi


We will introduce the pattern of traditional Japanese kimono and obi.
For the meaning of the pattern .


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