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About pattern

About pattern

  • 桜文様(sakura mon'yô )Sakura pattern

The cherry tree, which is the national flower of Japan.








  • 鳳凰文様(houou mon'yô )Phoenix pattern

It's positioned as the king of birds , it has been reported that appear as pleasing signs of child birth ..







  • 宝尽くし文様(takarazukushi mon'yô)Treasures pattern

Auspicious pattern a collection of various treasure .








  • 扇面文様(senmen mon'yô)Fan pattern

The thing that means that it develops because the fan opens, and is lucky.







  • 松文様(matsu mon'yô)Pine pattern

Pine has been popular to people since ancient times as a symbol of longevity .







  • 華文(kamon mon'yô)Flower pattern

Things that were designed flower to round shape .








  • 菖蒲文(shoubu mon'yô)Iris pattern

It was respected in the samurai family.Long-lived spell, talisman against evil.







  • 貝合わせ紋(kaiawase mon'yô)Shellfish alignment pattern

It is the play that describes a beautiful painting in a shellfish, and divides it into right and left, and puts patterns together.It has been prized in the birth of marriage and girls.






  • 花の丸紋(hananomaru mon'yô)Round crest of flowers

The pattern which settled a flower in a circle.








  • 鴛鴦紋(oshidori mon'yô)Mandarin duck pattern

Since mandarin duck is a bird to spend together a lifetime Once become breeding pairs , it will be used a lot in bridal gown as auspicious symbols.







  • 亀甲文(kikkou mon'yô)Carapace of the turtle pattern

Geometric pattern of regular hexagon.It is similar to the shell of the turtle.The happy pattern which celebrates long-lived auspices.







  • 萩文(hagi mon'yô)Bush clover pattern

It is one of the fall of the herbs , and is loved by the Japanese since ancient times .








  • 椿紋(tsbaki mon'yô)Camellia pattern

The camellia is liked as a sacred tree telling the spring arrival.

  • 蝶紋(chou mon'yô)Butterfly pattern

Butterfly shape gently colors are beautiful , figure to fly dance is also a grace.

  • 七宝紋(shippou mon'yô)Seven treasures pattern

In Buddhism , we will refer to gold , silver , lapis lazuli , coral , agate , seven of the treasure of pearl , etc.

  • 水仙花文(suisenka mon'yô)Narcissus flower pattern

Narcissus to be in full bloom in mid- New Year , is pleased as winter flowers , from the fact that it means auspicious , has been with a good omen flower of New Year.

  • 桜楓文(ohfu mon'yô)Cherry & Maple pattern

A flower to represent the spring to , it is the one that was to pattern a combination of autumn.

  • 紫陽花文(ajisai mon'yô)Hydrangea pattern

Big flower of the blue-violet are preferred.

  • 四季草花文(shikisouka mon'yô)Four seasons flowers pattern

Those patterns of by assortment of seasonal flowers and plants.

  • 格天井文(goutenjoh mon'yô)Compartment ceiling pattern

By the ceiling stretched a plate on top of the tree , which partnered in the square , and there are many to shrines and temples.

  • 梅文様(ume mon'yô)Plum pattern

It is got close as a pattern to wear as an auspicious pattern on the New Year and is used habitually widely.
It is popular as a pattern to wear on New Year as auspicious patterns , and they are widely favored .

  • 鉄線花紋(tessenka mon'yô)Clematis pattern

The bloom white and purple flowers in early summer , its graceful appearance is preferred.

  • 桐文様(kiri mon'yô)Paulownia pattern

Paulownia , in China and is revered as a tree live in Phoenix , it has been a crest of the imperial family together with chrysanthemum in Japan

  • 秋草紋(akikusa mon'yô)Autumn flowers pattern

Those patterns of the flowers blooming in the fall of the field

  • 牡丹紋(botan mon'yô)Peony pattern

A king of hundred flowers ,also in China as a symbol of longevity It is particularly preferred.

  • 花車紋(hanaguruma mon'y?)Flower car pattern

Cars with the basket which included the court-cow-carriage crest which I decorated with a flower and the flower of the four seasons.

  • 近江八景〈ohmihakkei mon'yô〉Eight Views of Omi pattern

As it mimics the Chinese Eight Views of Xiaoxiang , a representation of the good attractions of the landscape against the backdrop of the Lake Biwa.

  • 花喰鳥紋(hanakuitori mon'yô)Flower bite bird pattern

Pattern of the bird with the twig of a flower and the pine, the obi of the braid in its mouth.

  • 車文様(kuruma mon'yô)Court-cow-carriage crest pattern

A pattern of the whole court-cow-carriage crest and pattern of the waterwheel.The elegant atmosphere is liked.



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